MAFB is an international fashion community founded by Marian Duff and Richard Soesanna with the aim to offer a platform to a new generation of creative talents from the Netherlands and abroad. MAFB invests in talents and gives them the tools to grow into professional entrepreneurs. Together with several Dutch museums and institutes, they develop educational programs, pop-up projects and events to bring the initiative to life to a wider audience.

MAFB is also the founder of The Open Space Contemporary Art Museum (OSCAM). It's a museological platform for art, fashion, design, craftmanship and development in the Bijlmer. The museum has a strong social approach and allows talents in the Bijlmer to get acquainted with renowned artists by showing high-quality art and underline the cultural climate of the neighborhood.

We have been working together with MAFB on their all-round communication, PR and social media.

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Client MAFB
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