Mei Lin, founder of Frozz, introduced fresh frozen yoghurt in the Netherlands in 2010 - and she has been spreading Frozz love ever since. The yoghurt that’s used to make the best froyo in town is 100% natural and one serving of it only contains between 100kcal and 120kcal, depending on the toppings you choose. Another ‘nice thing to know’ about the yoghurt: the milk comes from Dutch cows. So very fresh indeed!
It wouldn’t surprise us if you’re longing for a snack after reading this. So where to find Frozz? You can enjoy the best froyo in one of the (pop-up) shops in different cities around the country or get your cups in various supermarkets, bubbling beachclubs, department stores, company restaurants and on-the-go shops. Oh, and there is a Frozz store in Lisboa as well, in case you’re there and hungry.

Get your Frozz on!