Lemon Poppy

Çaj Mali, pronounced as ‘ts-jai mali’, is Albanian for ‘mountain tea’; a herbal tea used to support human health for over a thousand years. Drinking this specific tea is a true Albanian family tradition. You drink it as a winter treat with some honey and lemon, to give you a much needed boost when feeling flu-ish or when you need a comforting drink.
Edvina Erebara, the founder of Lemon Poppy, moved to the Netherlands in 2000. She kept on bringing Çaj Mali back from Albania to the Dutch lowlands, where drinking this tea really became a daily routine of nostalgia. This re-invention of something traditional signed the start of Lemon Poppy’s journey: Edvina started experimenting with different taste combinations and visited the mountainous south where the Çaj Mali grows. During this time of exploration and while talking to the locals, she was taught how to recognise the best Çaj Mali.
All these experiences, different tastes and herbs came together in ‘Çaj Mali by Lemon Poppy’. A tea that is pure, fresh and sturdy. The high amounts of iron and antioxidants make it the perfect booster for the slow moments.

'Cheers to that!'