She had a law degree, a high-flying job at an advertising agency, and a glittering career ahead of her. But Cassandra Stavrou also had a craving for something else... making popcorn.

In London people will daily give in to their three o’clock craving by buying a chocolate bar or another feeble snack which would leave them feeling guilty afterwards. The challenge was to create a snack that is satisfying and good for you. Cassandra spend hours in the kitchen with her dad when she was a child. He was a hopeless cook but made the best popcorn. Together they experimented with different types of ingredients and seasonings. She used these precious memories to create PROPERCORN. Together with friend and business partner Ryan she makes sure that every pack is delicious and guilt-free. There shouldn’t have to be a compromise. “Done properly” extends far beyond their popcorn. It is their approach to everything they do. Whether they are designing new packaging, curating their own events or collaborating with inspiring artists. Their energetic team is always looking to create in a way that they’re excited by and passionate about.

Every pack of PROPERCORN is made using the best quality, GM-free corn. Also a brilliant source of fibre. All recipes are created in house by their own team. As each flavour develops, close attention is paid to its impact and depth, from the first hit to the last kernel. PROPERCORN only uses ingredients that can be found at home. Snacks should deliver on both health and taste. PROPERCORN is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and made using only natural ingredients. Each flavour comes in at under 130 kcals. Each bag is carefully hand-popped and packed on British soil.

Done Properly!