Ree Projects


The Japanese language knows the expression ‘Hara no Mushi’; a sudden feeling of joy. Those butterflies in your stomach when you encounter or experience something really beautiful.

“I design from my intuition and ‘Hara no Mushi’ is an important base-element in all my designs. Whether it’s in details or the overall design, I aim to provoke that pleasant feeling in your stomach when you see something really beautiful, something you can’t explain, but just feel.“

Drawing inspriation from Japanese culture, craftsmanship and aesthetics, Ree Projects creates remarkable raw refined pieces designed with longevity as a fundamental element. Redefining luxury in a sustainist way by combining understated aesthetics with outstanding craftsmanship, Ree Projects creates pieces to treasure and keep forever.

Ree Projects was founded by fashion designer Desiree Kleinen who graduated at Artez in The Netherlands. After two decades of industry experience, for brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, she felt the urge to re-define luxury in a sustainist way and launched her Ree Projects collection #1 in 2015. This collection consists of a range of premium bags made of the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather.