Cold winter weather can make getting out of bed the hardest part of your day, but Wintervacht has answered your wish to stay wrapped up in blankets. Yoni van Oorsouw and Manon van Hoeckel, founders of Wintervacht, met in design school.

Next to studying together they were also taking sewing courses given by Yoni’s mother. At that time Manon lived in a house without any heating and so she used three old blankets to sleep under. In the winter of 2008 Yoni’s mom suggested designing a coat for Manon, made from one of the wool blankets she used to sleep under. The first Wintervacht coat was born.

The brand aspires to transform old materials in contemporary design items, giving new life to textiles that have lost their original purpose. Yoni and Manon are always on the hunt for high quality materials and unique designs. Therefor they handpick all their materials. Because the blankets are not an inexhaustible source, Yoni and Manon are always looking for new materials that they can use in the future. Wintervacht is not only about coats. The brand is also working on accessories like headbands, mittens and other clothing items like tops and pants.