Yunit is an Amsterdam based brand that includes everyone and excludes no one. With the belief that people have more similarities than differences, the collection consists of ‘yunisex’ T-shirts made from sustainable materials in colours that look good on everybody; essentials for everyday life made to fit each and every one of us.

The Yunit T-shirt is universal and suitable for every human being, for every occasion at any time. The regular model has twisted seams on the side, a diagonal fabric cut and subtle finishing. Classics with a twist. Yunit tees are made as sustainable as possible and under fair conditions.

Josine Castelein founded Yunit in 2013. Before she started her own label she worked as a buyer for multiple brands in the fashion industry. During this time, she discovered that there’s much to be gained regarding sustainability and ethics. It motivated her to establish Yunit. She didn’t want to be just another “green” t-shirt label. The aim: good looking affordable basics, which are also made in an okay manner.