Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time, but do we really know the truth about it all? The everlasting question remains: what can we do to make a change?

Before The Flood follows Academy Award-winning actor and U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio on his journey trough developed and less developed parts of the world in search for answers. He visits all five continents and the Arctic to reveal the unsettling reality about climate change and talks to political leaders who fight it.

He also emphasises the fact that we, as individuals, have a substantial power. He points out how to reduce our individual impact on the environment and stimulates the viewers to push our political leaders into the right direction with the following statement:

“We need everyone to demand bold action from their political leaders and to elect representatives who have their best interests at heart, not the interests of corporations to perpetuate a cycle of greed and destruction. This documentary shows how interconnected the fate of all humanity is — but also the power we all possess as individuals to build a better future for our planet.”

Before The Flood makes us look at the world in a different way but if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s available for free online here: