W.Green is an Amsterdam based
branding & communication agency,
known for its strong ethical values and holistic way of working.


We are what we believe. And we believe that in this world of abundance it’s our job to spread the message of brands that have a story to tell and value to add. That’s why we work by all means to promote a lifestyle that is truly sustainable.

We view the world from a holistic perspective, because we believe all things surrounding us are interconnected. From green branding materials, C02 neutral web-hosting to our plant-based lunches, we practice sustainability in the broadest sense.

We believe we can bridge the idealistic vision and ethics with a business mindset and high-end aesthetics. Never ever doubt if you can make a difference, because you can be the change. We can create a better tomorrow together. We are W.Green.

Willa Stoutenbeek Willa Stoutenbeek
Willa Stoutenbeek Founder, Creative Director & Chief Cheerleader
Lindsay Vroegop Lindsay Vroegop
Lindsay Vroegop Managing Director & Bear Watcher
Veralyn Plooijer Veralyn Plooijer
Veralyn Plooijer Finance, Business & Happiness Coordinator
Veerle de Boer Veerle de Boer
Veerle de Boer Personal Assistant & Urban Farmer
Beau Colin Beau Colin
Beau Colin Head of Design & Mother of Plants
Gabriëlle Ibelings Gabriëlle Ibelings
Gabriëlle Ibelings Freelance Brand Designer, Strategist & Ashtangi
Karin Hesselvik Karin Hesselvik
Karin Hesselvik Freelance Brand Comms Director
Emma Vans-Colina Emma Vans-Colina
Emma Vans-Colina Freelance Senior Copywriter & Devil’s Advocate
Julie van der Have Julie van der Have
Julie van der Have Freelancer Senior Strategist & Copywriter
Debbie Simons Debbie Simons
Debbie Simons Freelance Brand Designer

We believe in brand building in a sustainable manner by adding lasting value to brands. In our holistic approach we work with our triple C method: Create, Connect & Communicate.

We work in a holistic way and offer a full service range which includes brand strategy, brand concepting, branding, brand consultancy, art direction, image creation, copywriting, logo design, package design, visual identity, design management and social media strategy and content.

In order to take your business and brand to the next level we can connect you to the right partners in our extensive network. Think of likeminded companies for brand collaborations, likeminded photographers and other changemaking professionals.

To get your brand out there, we also work with different disciplines. From your allover communication and communication strategy to public relations or a brand introduction.

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1091 JZ Amsterdam