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The Future Is Eco-Humane

Around here, there’s no shortage of care for the planet
We recycle, compost and eat plant-based
We worry about biodiversity and rage at politicians
The future is uncertain

Over there, white privilege continues to sow the seeds of colonialism
Poverty and hate crimes are the daily harvest
The future is poisonous

When we want to be allies, but fail to ask questions
When our ignorance is a burden and our help is so white it hurts
The future is misguided

To learn is to unlearn
To make space is to bear witness
The future must be unwritten

When we commit to stand in solidarity, and share our learnings with each other
When we refuse to stay silent about the injustice we see around us
The future is inclusive

It’s time to raise values, voices, choices for change
When we care for all people, as well as the planet
The Future Is Eco-Humane.

Willa Stoutenbeek Willa Stoutenbeek
Willa Stoutenbeek Founder & Creative Director and Chief Cheerleader
Shannakka Cannegieter Shannakka Cannegieter
Shannakka Cannegieter Senior Project Manager and Wisdom Keeper
Kimberly Balten Kimberly Balten
Kimberly Balten Project Manager and Positivity Pistol
Kisha Canwood Kisha Canwood
Kisha Canwood Finance Executive and our Eyes and Ears
Kyriaan Barrow-Blanken Kyriaan Barrow-Blanken
Kyriaan Barrow-Blanken Junior Brand & Content Specialist and Secret Weapon
Beau Colin Beau Colin
Beau Colin Brand Designer & Strategist
Gabriëlle Ibelings Gabriëlle Ibelings
Gabriëlle Ibelings Freelance Brand Designer, Strategist and Devoted Ashtangi
Emma Vans-Colina Emma Vans-Colina
Emma Vans-Colina Freelance Senior Copywriter and Devil’s Advocate

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