Fresh frozen yoghurt. That's it.

Frozz introduced fresh frozen yoghurt in the Netherlands in 2010 and they've spread the love for it ever since. Frozz is 100% natural and contains little calories, depending on the delicious flavour you choose. The fresh yoghurt comes from milk from Dutch cows. Frozz is available in their own shops, various supermarkets, beach clubs, department stores, companies, restaurants and on-the-go shops.

Together with Occult Studio, W.Green has been responsible for the visual identity of Frozz. We've also organized their first store opening in Amsterdam and did their overall PR.

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Client Frozz
Services Art direction & PR
Category Art direction PR

"It was really great to work with Frozz on their rebranding as I had been closely involved with them from their early days as a company. It's always very inspiring to work alongside founder Mei Lin Ang, who is an awesome business woman. For the rebranding itself we teamed up with Kim Keogh of Occult studio. Another very inspiring business woman."

- Willa Stoutenbeek, Founder, Creative Director & Chief Cheerleader

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