Morning retreat event
for Pukka

Pukka is a UK based tea brand that offers organic herbal teas inspired by Ayurveda. Pukka offers a wide range of 40 tea blends, all with its very own taste and wellbeing benefits. Next to creating delicious tasting tea blends, Pukka cares about being as sustainable as possible. The blends consist of organic and Fair for Life ingredients, the packaging is printed with plant-based ink and the tea bags are compostable. W.Green started working for Pukka beginning of 2019 focussing on pr & communication. In the summer of 2019 we hosted Pukka’s very first press & influencer event in The Netherlands, a Pukka Morning Retreat with sound meditation and herbal tea workshop.

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For the Pukka morning retreat, the event space was very important. As Pukka is all about herbal wellbeing and a natural lifestyle we wanted a location with a beautiful outdoor space as well as enough indoor room for a table setting and mediation space. Besides that, the event space needed to be centrally located. These requirements where quite a challenge to find. Eventually we found House of Ideas, a beautiful house located in Amsterdam Noord with a garden and two rooms on floor level. We were able to create a calm and relaxing vibe. A get away into nature without leaving the city. It perfectly embodied what Pukka stands for.

- Kim Leow, senior project manager

"W.Green has organized a beautiful Pukka morning retreat for us. Everything was perfectly taken care of, it was at a beautiful location with great vibes. Their strong personal network ensures relevant and qualitative attendees. W.Green really stands out for this!"

Justine van Hartingsveld, Berger Country Lead (Benelux)

During Pukka's morning retreat we got to make our own natural tea blend from organic herbs. Pukka, the 100% organic tea brand, puts people, natural life and the planet first in their mission to create a better world through the power of herbs. One Ayurvedic tea cup at a time. Plants & herbs have special qualities that we can benefit from throughout the day and find balance for body and mind. Herbs can contribute to vatality, better sleep, digestion and relaxation. Isn't that amazing?! During the press event we got to enjoy a healing sound journey by Shift Meditation, a dosha balancing breakfast and we created our own Bed time blend using valerian, camomile, rose and licorice. The perfect morning!

- Loulou Machiné, co-founder Go With The Glow

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