Nature spring bathing with Pukka

Pukka has always believed in connecting people, plants, and the planet together, but how? It is easy, by simply believing in the power of herbs and a great passion for loving what they do, as well as having a little help from their hero, mother nature.

To help foster the Pukka-induced connection with our earth, we organized a spring nature bathing at Moon’s Farm with the intention of spreading mindfulness and activating the self-healing capacity of the body and mind. An essential part of this grounding experience was Pukka’s organic (newly launched) Fresh Start blend which combined the peaceful feeling of being in nature with a natural fresh taste for the spring and summer that warms the body from within.

With the help of The Forest Bathing Circle, this event not only calmed down the bodies and minds of the invited guests. By putting Pukka’s values and beliefs in the centre of the entire experience, we spread the spirit of nurturing happier lives through nature and its plants. And the essence of listening to nature and how this can be easily applied in daily life with using your human senses.

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Client Pukka
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"For the past 2.5 years I’ve been working with Pukka and it has been a steep learning curve for me professionally as well personally for my well-being. Herbal & ayurvedic knowledge & the using my senses everytime I sip a cup of organic tea. Being mindful with every interaction, brings my soul peace. It has been a pleasure to do the overall communication in The Netherlands for Pukka and sharing the knowledge to others".

Shannakka Cannegieter - Project Manager, W.Green

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