Refined jewelry with a heartwarming story

Relevée means ‘uplifting’ or ‘to rise up’ and says a lot about the mission of this jewelry brand: helping women to flourish. On the first hand by providing an education and a safe work environment on the production side of the brand. On the second hand by helping women to feel beautiful by wearing the elegant pieces of jewelry.

In 2016, Relevée was looking for a visual style that would express their refined aesthetics and cater to the international market. That’s where we got involved. W.Green helped Relevée creating a full set of images with the main focus on style rather than charity.

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Client Relevée
Services Art direction & photography

"Although Relevée has a social mission and a beautiful story behind the brand (providing ex sex workers with a new and safe employment) this was never something they want to express in the visual identity. To make an impact is to sell a lot and to sell a lot, a brand needs to look stylish. So the focal point for the campaign was to create aesthetically qualitative images that would compete with any other stylish jewelry brand."

Our biggest challenge was to create a look & feel that would appeal to the American market as well as the European market. There are so many subtle style elements that really show the difference between the two continents. We choose to work with a photographer that has an internationally orientated portfolio and scouted models with timeless allure and in that way we managed to achieve the look & feel Relevée was aiming for.

- Willa Stoutenbeek, Founder, Creative Director & Chief Cheerleader

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