Pure & plant-based skincare

Squalan is an all natural skincare brand that uses squalane (a natural substance of the skin that reduces with age) as their main ingredient. The two founders Leslie and Monique, came across this ingredient during their own quest for a solution to their incredibly sensitive skin.

W.Green started working with Squalan with the briefing to help them create a visual identity that reflects the pureness and realness of the product. We collaborated closely with the client to translate the briefing into a concept that fitted the brand story as well as the vision of the founders. We came up with a visual concept that adds character and realness to the brand Squalan. To realize the photoshoot we teamed up with Photographer Petra Vaessen, which resulted in a one day shoot with loads of beautiful pictures to choose a series from.

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Client Squalan
Services Visual identity & photography

For Squalan we wanted to create images that express warmth and personality. We came across photographer Petra Vaessen and felt connected to her style and believed she could capture the vibe we where looking for. Petra recommended working with model Giulia Keuning and that worked out beautifully. Working with Petra and Giulia was great and it was amazing how many beautiful shots she captured in just one day.

Gabriëlle Ibelings - Junior Creative, Urban Farmer & Escapist

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