Veg Table Box

High quality plant-based goods

The Veg.table box is a self initiated project of W.Green and local plant-based restaurant Marits Eetkamer. During the crazy corona times we wanted to do something positive: supporting brands we love by curating a box full of delicious plant-based products that people can order to enjoy at home. Of course it's not only the inside that matters, we’ve designed a visual identity that expresses positivity and joy and collaborated with photographer Luca Halma that beautifully captured the products.

The first round of boxes was sold out within three days. We’re currently working on a next round.

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Working on this brand design project was much fun. We worked on a tight schedule and didn’t have time for lots of feedback rounds. So we all tapped into our intuition and created something that felt good. It’s not often that you get to work on a brand design in such a free and open way, so that has been a nice experience.

- Gabrielle Ibelings

With the Veg.table Box we had to create something out of nowhere. It was kind of a challenge because at the same time many other similar initiatives started to rise. But within less than two weeks we created an amazing branding, a website, an instagram page and were sold out in three days. It was something we never did before so we really had to figure everything out. It was very hard work but in the end we got so many amazing reactions. The essence of the project is to support smaller brands we truly believe in, with the Veg.table box I believe so many people get introduced with new great discoveries.

- Veerle de Boer

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