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A woman's well-being is determined by her hormonal (im)balance. This is because hormones determine all our functioning, such as behavior, emotions, thinking ability and physical health. In the span of a woman’s life there are three major hormonal shifts, puberty, menopause and pregnancy.

Desirée Domacassé, mother and founder of Femmegetic, started to take a closer look at life after pregnancy. How is it possible that after you become a mother so little attention is paid to your health? Especially when you compare it with the attention you receive during your pregnancy. From this she began her orthomolecular practice 'Daisy's Yellow Pepper' 5 years ago. It is the first practice in the Netherlands that focuses entirely on health after childbirth. It was here that the foundations of the Femmegetic brand were formed.

Femmegetic creates expertly formulated supplements, which aim to normalize the time and attention being paid to maternal health. Many mothers experience postnatal depletion shortly after giving birth; pregnancy-induced deficiencies in essential nutrients. This can lead to all kinds of complaints such as fatigue, mood swings, insomnia and poor memory. Femmegetic provides support so that mothers have more energy and feel good. The unique formulation of Femmegetic’s Postpartum Care supplements includes ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herb with many well-being-enhancing and calming properties. Postpartum Care also contains iron to combat fatigue, zinc supports brain function, vitamin A the mucous membranes and vitamin D is important for a healthy resistance.

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