Think and act in cycles

From old trucks tarp to one-of-a-kind bags, who’d thought it. Well, founders Markus and Daniel, aka the FREITAG brothers did. Inspired by the multicolored heavy traffic that blared past their shared flat in the middle of Zurich every day, they developed their very first bag from used truck tarps, discarded bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts. Today, almost 30 years and 50 bag models later, FREITAG continues to be widely recognised for their iconic tarp bags, whilst continuing on their mission of innovation, creativity and environmental awareness. As true pioneers in sustainability, FREITAG has pushed itself beyond the realms of truck tarp bags. In 2014 they launched their own textiles. Developed in-house from scratch and produced in Europe, they created their 100% compostable clothing line called ‘F-ABRIC’. Made from bast fibers Hemp and Flax, F-ABRIC textiles are 100% naturally biodegradable, including the threads and selvage. Each piece of clothing thus becomes fertile soil for new raw materials and the cycle continues.

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