Motel a Miio

Unique handmade ceramics

The story of Motel a Miio begins in Portugal, where the seed of the company was planted: German entrepreneurs Laura Castien and Anna von Hellberg were happily surprised to see the dinner table full of ceramic plates during a holiday. Which, of course they had to take home. Back in Munich, they planned a pop-up sale on Hans-Sachs-Strasse with the beautiful things they had brought back from Portugal. To their complete surprise, they sold out of everything within a day, this was their sign to go-ahead and start designing their own collections, which created the Motel a Miio brand.

Today, Motel a Miio continues to make unique ceramics accessible to everyone who loves the finer things in life. An important point they maintain is that the family business remains true to certain principles. Each of Motel a Miio’s designs are hand-picked, hand painted and glazed in a fair and environmental way in Portugal, where it all started. The result? beautiful pieces to fall in love with!

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