Good Jamu

Traditional Recipe for The Modern World

We're happy to introduce you to our client Good Jamu!

Jamu is an ancient botanical tonic from Indonesia with turmeric and ginger as its main ingredients. Since 2019, jamu is recognized intangible heritage of Indonesia. Traditionally, jamu is brewed by women in an artisanal way. The women who walk around selling jamu are called Mbok Jamu.

The brand Good Jamu brings the powerful and refreshing drink to the Netherlands and valuing its origin. Good Jamu traditionally makes their own jamu by one of the founders Anna Uspessij. She grew up with this energising tonic and learned from an Indonesian jamu master. The ultimate goal of Good Jamu is to grow the pure ingredients in a responsible way in Indonesia.

We help Good Jamu by spreading their message in the Dutch media landscape, as communications and PR is a big part of what we do at W.Green.

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Client Good Jamu
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