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Pukka has always believed in connecting people, plants, and the planet together, but how? It is easy, by simply believing in the power of herbs and a great passion for loving what they do, as well as having a little help from their hero, mother nature.
Pukka makes one thing clear, their herbal blends create healthier and happier lives. No more restlessness, stimuli, anxiety, or poor sleep caused by inorganic tea. Organically, Pukka helps maintain your balance, boost your antioxidants, and improves your body's immune system.

On a spiritual level, Pukka translates the magical powers of their herbs through Ayurveda, translated simply as ‘knowledge of life’. An ancient Indian holistic philosophy, that shows you how to live a healthy, wholesome and more fulfilled life, by balancing your mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda is an anytime, anywhere, anyone sort of wisdom; a universal way of living wisely that can be easily adopted no matter what stage of life you’re at. But with a little Pukka love and wisdom, the magic of Ayurveda will flow in your life.

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