Red Orka

Circular Baby Wear

Red Orka is a sustainable baby wear brand that cares deeply about doing better for our planet and future generations. As a circular business, they offer baby rompers exclusively through a sustainable subscription model. A revolutionary way of looking at baby apparel.

Founder Erik Ammann believes that economic prosperity has affected our planet. That’s what made him decide to follow in his grandfather’s Heinz Ammann footsteps. In 1957 Heinz started his company Sanetta in Albstadt, Germany. He wanted to keep babies safe and warm so he started producing baby rompers.
When more and more of Erik's friends started becoming parents he noticed them complaining about organic clothing for their newborns and how the lack of good quality was a true issue. His friends kept buying new rompers over and over. The result: textile waste and serious waste of money. That’s what made Erik decide to succeed his grandfather Heinz and his father, by committing to a more sustainable, accessible, and healthier product for his friends and their friends.

His mission is to create the perfect baby romper for a lifetime and beyond. For every romper being worn by another baby, we reduce the footprint on our planet. The longer we can use and reuse a romper, the closer it brings us to a better future.

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