Be kind to your Vagina

Introducing Yoni, an ever-growing collection of sustainable period products, created with the belief that the time has come to open up, share our stories, and care for female-sex bodies at every stage of life.

Founder Mariah Mansvelt Beck, never intended to start a period care company, but after being faced with a cervical cancer scare, she began to look at her own body from a new perspective. Especially from the perspective of what she was putting into her body every month. What she found: period care products full of plastics, synthetics, perfumes and artificial absorbents - Yuck. From this, she built the foundation of the Yoni brand, which dedicates itself to creating honest and sustainable period care for everyone; from tampons to period proof underwear.

But Yoni’s mission doesn't just stop at period care products. Rewind to 2015, when Yoni was only just starting, the topic of menstruation was still a total taboo and period products were something you hid in your fist on the way to the toilet. Since then, they have come a long way in raising awareness around menstruation, period products and vaginas, but there are still so many taboos left to break. Taboos around pregnancy, hormones, sexuality and gender to name a few. This is where Yoni will continue to use the power of storytelling to kickstart open, honest and real conversations. Building a future in which everyone with a vagina is armed with knowledge about their bodies, and the products that fit their lives best. Without shame. Without taboos. With love for yourself and the world around you.

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