Ace & Tate

Smart eyewear for everyone

Ace & Tate is a Dutch eyewear brand that offers design quality frames at fair prices, allowing people to continuously update their eyewear. All of their frames are thoughtfully designed from scratch by their in-house design team in Amsterdam. Ace & Tate doesn't call itself a sustainable company, but rather a company that will actively and steadily work towards reducing the footprint it leaves behind.

At Ace & Tate they're badasses at finding the best possible materials and production techniques, as well as the most cost-effective solutions, that reach their aesthetic and high quality standards. And because they personally oversee each step in the production chain - from mood board to the finished product - they're able to offer nice frames at nifty prices.

W.Green is proud to have worked alongside Ace & Tate on their brand and concept development, successful launch in the Dutch market, overall PR and the art direction and production of their very first campaign and stills.

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Client Ace & Tate
Services Brand Introduction, campaign shoot & PR

"When Mark came to me, all he had was a pdf presentation but I felt that there was something there from the start. Building up this brand from scratch was both a pleasure as well as a pain sometimes... But after all I'm super proud of what we've accomplished together as well as the authority that Ace & Tate managed to become in such a short period of time. Mark you're a rockstar!"

Willa Stoutenbeek, Founder, Creative Director & Chief Cheerleader

"Together with W.Green we successfully launched the Ace & Tate brand in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. The fact that W.Green was involved in both brand development, concept development as well as the guidance on how to approach media, really made them stand out for me."

Mark de Lange, Founder & CEO Ace & Tate

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