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The tension between our daily wish for convenience and the increasing need for sustainability is what gave birth to Hej Tom. As our new subscription buddy, they offer a diverse range of companies available for subscriptions and will keep us from drowning in unused, uncancelled and wasteful subscriptions. The featured companies are not just any; only those committed to changing the world for the better get a spot on the up and coming subscription platform.

As the first subscription platform in the Netherlands, their brand had to drive home their mission in a clear and comprehensive way, but not at the cost of aesthetics. W.Green helped Hej Tom setting the foundations for their brand; we were briefed to work on the brand foundation, visual identity, brand shoot and the first communications for the brand launch including social media launch.

We teamed up with graphic designer, Jessica Put, who designed the logo and brand identity and we art directed the first brand shoot with Noow Studios. The launch of Hej Tom’s website marked a promising starting point for everything that is yet to come for the new subscription platform.

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Client hej tom
Services Branding, visual identity, art direction

Working with the W.Green & hejtom team was amazing. Bringing the brand to life – visually – felt effortless and smooth because of the co-creating atmosphere. Also, working together with such an open, energetic and humble group of people is so rewarding!

Jessica Put - Graphic Designer, W.Green

From the brand shoot to the name itself, W.Green played a key role in bringing hejtom to life. Not only did they add creativity, but they also connected us to a strong network of professionals. We value their commitment, passion, and confidence in our team.

Roel Bovendeert & Florian Fuchs - Founders, hejtom

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