Rethinking periods with Yoni

Yoni means vagina in Sanskrit and is also the name of the Amsterdam based brand that shook-up the fem care industry. Their mission is to make sure all women know what goes into their tampons, pads and liners, and whilst doing so breaking the taboo around menstruation and the female sex organs. Tampons, pads and liners free from plastic, parfum and other secret ingredients are now fashionably packaged and to be found in mainstream supermarkets and drugstores.

We where partner to Yoni in launching their brand in 2015. Together with Yoni we created branded content, co-created campaigns and created their social media channels and direction. We also handled their press services and events.

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Client Yoni
Services Brand introduction, Art Direction and PR

Breaking the rules

It was a cool challenge to position Yoni as a fashion & lifestyle brand. At that time, a box of tampons wasn’t really something women where proudly buying. Mostly, it was something you would discretely put in your shopping basket while trying to hide it between other groceries. Yoni’s goal was to create a fashionable image that would shine a different light on tampons and pads and break the taboo around feminine cycles. We did that by working with several talented content creators that were able to grasp that fashion & lifestyle sense. , including fashion photographer Ester Grass Vergara and creative studio Insane. We did that by working with several talented content creators that where able to grasp that fashion air within the images. We did the first shoot with fashion photographer Ester Grass Vergara.

- Willa Stoutenbeek, Founder, Creative Director & Chief Cheerleader

What’s between your legs?

Together with conceptual fashion photographer Peggy Kuiper we went for a contemporary and bold look that was screaming “Yoni tampons are cool, wear them with pride!” The campaign made people look twice and ask themselves the question ‘what’s actually between my legs?’ The visuals help to draw attention to the topic and really help to realize Yoni’s mission to create awareness about toxins used in tampons and pads.

- Willa Stoutenbeek, Founder, Creative Director & Chief Cheerleader

“Willa and W.Green intuitively knew where we should be going with Yoni visually. She could translate our story into cutting edge art direction, which made all the difference to our brand and break through.”

- Mariah Mansvelt Beck, founder Yoni

Repeating the message

A strong brand message like Yoni’s needs to be repeated over and over again for it to be clear and reach the target audience. Therefore we’ve decided to team up with Ine & Sanne from creative studio INSANE. They had lots of ideas for the brand and created a series of videos that contributed to Yoni’s mission to break taboos around menstruation. The Cycle Series show female cycles in an informative, creative and imaginative way.

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