Chemical free period care

Introducing a taboo breaking fem care brand, making organic fem care accessible and getting them on mainstream shelves.

When we started nobody was interested in discussing these important topics.
By translating the taboo-breaking topics into tongue-in-cheek messaging and attractive imagery we were able to break open a very tough topic.

The leading natural fem care brand on the Dutch market with great brand awareness and a loyal fan base.

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Client Yoni
Services Brand introduction, Art Direction and PR

“Willa and W.Green intuitively knew where we should be going with Yoni visually. She could translate our story into cutting edge art direction, which made all the difference to our brand and break through.”

- Mariah Mansvelt Beck, founder Yoni

Breaking the rules

It was a cool challenge to position Yoni as a fashion & lifestyle brand. At that time, a box of tampons wasn’t really something women where proudly buying. Mostly, it was something you would discretely put in your shopping basket while trying to hide it between other groceries. Yoni’s goal was to create a fashionable image that would shine a different light on tampons and pads and break the taboo around feminine cycles.

Willa Stoutenbeek - Founder & Creative Director, W.Green

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